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Tio's Cervecería Cards

surry hills, Sydney

Tio's Cervecería Cards

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A Margarita shaken with lime syrup, a Paloma made on fresh grapefruit, a two-texture guac set for double dipping, a spice mix to cover your popcorn. Bienvenidos a Tio’s, cocktails and snacks included.

Tio’s Cervecería is ground zero for the stylings of Alex “Happy” Gilmore, Alex Dowd and Jeremy Blackmore, where the tequila list is vast and varied, the Tecate is salt-crusted and the spiced popcorn comes free. Their CARTILAGE recipe cards run through two classic cocktails with a Tio’s twist, with house bar snacks to match.

The Tio’s Cervecería x CARTILAGE recipe cards include:

  • Tio’s Margarita
  • Tio’s Paloma
  • Guac
  • BONUS Popcorn spice
  • Illustrations by Jeremy Blackmore
  • Annotations from Happy 

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