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Port Cygnet Cannery Cards

regional, Tasmania

Port Cygnet Cannery Cards

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Crisp potato waffles topped with rosemary salt, hot-smoked flathead with samphire salad, a creamy tart flavoured with tonka bean, honey-coated walnuts to go with cheese. Sweet and savoury hits from a small-town hub.

Due south from Hobart, Port Cygnet Cannery is the restaurant, bar and events space defining local hospitality, with an approach built on good produce and better values, with flavour at the forefront. Their CARTILAGE journal lean into a spirit of sharing and good wholesome food, done right.

Their recipe cards start with a savoury spin on waffles, move to a fresh take on flathead with coastal greens, infuse a tart with the rich scent of tonka beans, and end on a snack that's made for cheeseboards.

The Port Cygnet Cannery x CARTILAGE recipe cards include:
  • Potato Waffles
  • Smoked Flathead with Samphire & Coriander Salad
  • Tonka Bean Tart
  • BONUS Salted Honey Walnuts
  • Illustration, recipes and annotations from Franca Zingler (waffles, tart, walnuts) and Asher Gilding (flathead)

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