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Napier Quarter
Napier Quarter
Napier Quarter

fitzroy, Melbourne

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Napier Quarter

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Charred calamari with fennel pickle, an urchin-roe spin on taramasalata with homemade crispbreads, whipped cheesecake cream with lemon verbena, cumquat jam given heat with black pepper. New classics from a neighbourhood favourite.

The little neighbourhood restaurant on the corner of Napier St has become one of Fitzroy's finest with a style of food that's downright delicious without ever being straight up and down. Match it with a spot in the sun, fine wines from a killer list (which is now takeaway; do it) and a good attitude and the Napier Quarter feels are yours for the taking. 

Their CARTILAGE recipe cards start with charred calamari with DIY pickled fennel (save extra for sandwiches), move to an up-to-the-minute spin on taramasalata, throw in a cheesecake cream for dessert then finish strong with a cumquat and black-pepper jam primed for gift-giving. 

The Napier Quarter x CARTILAGE recipe journal includes:

  • Calamari with Fennel, Mandarin & Pine Nuts
  • Sea Urchin, Fermented Chilli, Cucumber, Crispbread
  • Cheesecake Cream, Cucumber & Lemon Verbena
  • BONUS Cumquat Jam
  • Annotations from chef Eileen Horsnell (Calamari; Urchin) and sous-chef/pastry chef Gemma Calleja (Cheesecake; Jam)
  • Illustrations by Gemma Calleja (Cheesecake; Jam) and Horsnell's partner Rhia Moulds (Calamari; Urchin)