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Very Good Falafel Cards

brunswick, Melbourne

Very Good Falafel Cards

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No-fuss fennel bake, standout sabich, onions stuffed with herby rice, brownies shot through with tahini and halva. Veg-led dishes designed to steal the limelight.

Very Good Falafel might have built their rep on falafel, but the things around the edges deserve just as much attention. Shuki Rosenboim and Louisa Allan moved from market stalls to bricks and mortar, testing recipes and winning hearts as they went. In their CARTILAGE recipe cards, they present everything but the falafel, with a killer sabich spread smack-bang in the centre.

The Very Good Falafel x CARTILAGE recipe cards include:

  • Baked Fennel, Tomato & Borlotti Beans
  • Sabich
  • Stuffed Onions
  • BONUS Halva & Walnut Brownies
  • Annotations from owners Shuki and Louisa
  • Illustrations by Creature Creature

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